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Paper & Film Cores

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Product Features

  • Dimensional stability for high speeds
  • Optimum strength to withstand tension
  • Superior performance for maximum productivity
  • Perfect notches and grooves
  • Superior surface finish

Manufactured using world-class technology and coreboard, our products ensure the highest performance during winding, handling or unwinding.

Vashist Paper Products’s cores are made from proprietary high-strength coreboard, produced using our patented manufacturing technology. Our coreboard supports superior horizontal and vertical strength requirements and ensures outstanding product performance and consistency.

Vashist Paper Products’s cores offer consistent crushing strength and superior surface finish to minimize surface markings. Using a controlled drying process and maintaining core straightness, our cores reduce vibrations. The smooth finish provides wrinkle-free winding of material.

As winding speeds increase, our cores absorb radial pressure and protect internal diameter integrity. Proper bonding of layers and grinding of the core ensure that there is no de-lamination even at high speeds.